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What is CBD oil?

CBD – what is that?Specifically, these are the flowers of the hemp plant, which contain the cannabidiol plant active ingredient. Compared to other CBD preparations such as CBD extract or CBD oil, the flowers are directly applicable. This means that no further manufacturing or processing methods are necessary. Thus, CBD aroma flowers are a CBD product in all its purity.

In CBD flowers (also called CBD grass) there is also no risk of chemical contamination, since the flowers do not need to be processed industrially. They also contain their entire share of terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids: The positive impact on the human psyche and the organism is thus much greater than with other CBD products.

Even though the cause of the disease can not be combated, CBD has been shown to strengthen the nervous system and immune defenses. The general well-being is significantly increased. CBD can effectively reduce too high a stress level. Thus, the organism becomes more resistant to many diseases and inflammatory processes.

CBD – which forms and types are there?

In general, there are six types of CBD:

CBD flowers

CBD oil

CBD drops

CBD Liquid

CBD tablets

CBD capsules.

CBD pollen

CBD flowers are, so to speak, the raw form and thus a very natural product. They are also much more intense than other CBD products. In addition, CBD flowers are very diverse. The flowers can be, for example, smoke, steam or even cook.

Even a soup or a hot tea infusion can be easily made from CBD flowers. For this purpose, the flowers must be doused only with hot water. In this way, the essential oils can dissolve and the active ingredients can be optimally absorbed by the drink or soup.

From CBD flowers can also be various ointments, balms or tinctures Make skin care. Also various dishes can be flavored and refined with CBD blossoms.

CBD flowers offer the following advantages:

They are versatile.

They have a very high efficiency.

They have a wide range of applications.

They are individually dosed.

CBD flowers only have the disadvantage that they are not suitable for children. Many users find this a pity, because especially in the context of ADHD CBD could, for example, achieve great results.

Purchase criteria – what factors can be used to assess the quality of CBD flowers?

Above all, the two factors “cultivation” and “quantity” are central purchase criteria, which are very important.

The cultivation of the products is fundamentally important because it provides information about whether the CBD flowers are pure or could be affected by chemical contaminants.

These impurities can be caused, for example, by various pesticides or chemical additives. In case of doubt, the manufacturer should always be contacted and asked.

Reputable manufacturers of CBD products guarantee pure and chemically clean products that are beneficial to health and pose no risks. The hemp plant variety used should ideally always be industrial hemp, because it has an extremely low THC content. Each CBD product – as well as CBD flowers – have individual properties and thus bring their own advantages and disadvantages.

In contrast to CBD extracts, CBD flowers naturally can never contain more than four percent pure cannabidiol. Those who prefer products in a higher concentration can resort to other CBD remedies. There are several methods to extract the valuable cannabinoid from the hemp plant, while not exceeding the permitted THC content. These methods differ from each other especially in terms of quality and cost. The extracted ingredient can be used to make various products such as CBD oil, CBD drops or CBD capsules.

The extract makes it possible to produce various products with almost unlimited CBD content.

So if you want to achieve a high CBD content solely by taking flowers, you must therefore take a larger amount.

Here, the CBD flowers score clearly: The production costs are quite low, because there are no methods of further processing necessary. The price of CBD flowers is purely based on plant breeding.

For CBD extracts, however, much more costly procedures are necessary, which ultimately also makes itself felt in the price of the corresponding CBD product.

In terms of dosage, too, CBD extracts are clearly ahead in comparison to the flowers. There is a natural variation in the CBD content between the different varieties of flowers. The exact CBD content in the flowers is therefore difficult to determine.

The type of intake also plays an essential role. In most cases, CBD flowers are inhaled. Naturally, too, there can always be small fluctuations.

With CBD extracts, however, the cannabinoid content is clearly defined: the CBD oil, the drops or the CBD capsules can therefore be precisely dosed.

CBD means “cannabidiol”. The CBD, the THC and some other essential oils make up the strain of “cannabinoids”. These are, generally speaking, the “effective” ingredients in the oil of cannabis hemp. Unlike the THC, CBD does not look good. This has already been confirmed by the WHO. However, the CBD also acts as a sleep-promoting agent in cases of severe overdose. The primary effect, however, is the release of cramps of all kinds. also we can add a word about, it has beneficial effects on the skin.

For a long period, hemp was really contemplated an incredibly, powerful, necessary and active commodity. Particularly for the essence and manuscript business, it was of tremendous value. 

Meanwhile, we would like to underline hemp is also accumulated almost really throughout. Main accumulating regions are mainly areas with a new subtropical climate. The hemp plant, what’s more important, initially came from Central Asia, where it was definitely  also a significant foodstuff about ten thousand years ago. The cannabis grains were contemplated very nourishing and were also used in the present medical field for the medication of situations such as rheumatism and malaria.

CBD flowers are an unprocessed natural product. The flowers are plucked as a bud just before blooming. Then their content of CBD is highest. Then they are carefully dried. The drying process must be slow, otherwise too many essential oils are lost. CBD flowers are inhaled. You can smoke them in a pipe or a joint. However, it burns a large part of the essential oils and produces toxic by-products. It is, therefore, better to inhale the CBD flowers with the help of a nebulizer. The nebulizer penetrates the CBD flowers with hot water vapour. This method makes the CBD blooms also consumable for children. High-quality inhalers cost from about 30 euros. 1 gram of CBD flowers cost about 10 euros. For e-cigarettes, the CBD flowers are less suitable. There are practical e-liquids for e-cigarettes which are a much more comfortable and clean solution.

Is CBD oil legal?

Cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids. These are the active substances of a hemp plant, which act on the body’s cannabinoid system. The body has these receptors because it is also able to produce cannabinoids. The body’s own cannabinoids are called “endocannabinoids”. Accordingly, the cannabinoid system is also called the “endocannabinoid system”. Especially many of the CB1 receptors are concentrated in the brain. The receptors are present in virtually all organs, but they are more abundant in the brain. They regulate the muscle tension and the transmission of stimuli. This explains why the CBD works so well on cramps or irritation in the conduction. In addition, the CBD does not even have to be dosed at a particularly high level: this active ingredient is able to easily overcome the otherwise almost impenetrable blood-brain barrier. Since it is a messenger substance that is virtually endogenous to the body, it is accepted by the body at every point and therefore also in the brain. The CBD docks in the brain to the CB1 receptors and thus triggers its antispasmodic effect.

Due to its many healthy properties, CBD oil can be used for very different problems. In addition to studies, many reports from users have proven the positive effects of cannabidiol oil.

Top 5 Benefits of CBD oil 

In expansion to the petitions already remembered, CBD oil is so universal that numerous other areas can be remembered here.  

CBD flowers can be applied at:

  • anxiety
  • Traumatic stress disorder
  • ADHD
  • Sleep problems and sleep disorders
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Asthma disorders
  • Pain
  • anorexia
  •  some cancers, CBD flowers can be used concomitantly.

CBD oil in Alzheimer’s and dementia

Since the intake has been proven to be nonharmful, it depends on a trial. Its naturalness and its low to nonexistent side effects make it superior to many chemical pharmaceuticalsa high dosage one hasas the WHO has demonstratednot to worry about his kidneys, stomach or liver. On the contrary: CBD is according to the experience reports a very versatile natural remedy, which should show a positive effect for numerous applications. It is therefore apparently suitable as an acute therapeutic. However, the user should already have some experience with CBD oil. It is, despite hardly known side effects, quite important to know exactly the exact dosage for yourself. The lowconcentrated preparations are particularly well suited for this: With a 5% CBD oil, one drop is more or less less accuratewith a 15% strong oil, too much can be achieved quickly. After all, one wants to treat his pain and not be easily fazed by it.

CBD Oil is not nearly comparable in its application to the tremendous psychoactive effect of THC, the other, better known cannabinoid from the hemp plant. Highquality products have a maximum THC content of 0.1%. Starting with a share of 0.2%, a preparation becomes illegal as well, as it will reach the legally permitted maximum value of THC. In other words, CBD oil is definitely impossible to put into an intoxicating state, no matter how high you dose it. However, one can sleep very well from CBD oil, even a bit too good if overdosed heavily.

Many users report that with the ingestion of CBD oil the wretched long sleep phases have disappeared. Instead of racking their brains for hours about the worries of everyday life, they take 23 drops of CBD before falling asleep and are in no time in the realm of dreams. The quality of sleep should also improve quickly and significantly by taking CBD. Many users were previously extremely restless sleepers, who often turned back and forth and are often awake, they were much calmed by the intake of CBD. A continuoussleep blockof 6, 7 or 8 hours, which was finished in a completely refreshed state, is quickly the normal state for many users.

A healthy, restful sleep is a prerequisite from which everything can grow in the process. Even though the sleepinducing effect of CBD oil has not yet been proventhat a long, deep and restorative sleep significantly increases the quality of life, there is no doubt of that. A restful sleep:

  • Improves the immune system
  • Improves the ability to concentrate
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Removes fears
  • Improves the character.

However, we recommend that you try CBD oil for sleep only if all other causes have been clarified beforehand. For example, in acute sleep apnea, CBD oil can not do much. In this case, the basis for a restful sleep has to be taken specifically by means of a sleep laboratory and possibly an apnea mask. If the nightly restlessness still does not persuade, the CBD oil is recommended in any case before you go to the dangerous chemical pharmaceuticals. The fact that these lead in the medium term in a dependency, before warn the doctors.

There are already studies on pain patients, their sleep problems and the application of CBD oil. The assumption is that cannabinoid not only helps to fall asleep, but also docks it to the pain receptors. This double effect is of course highly welcome in a proven side effectfree preparation. The results from the clinical trials are very promising, but the research is still ongoing.

Many users of CBD Oil also enjoy using it to betterstand up to their manin acute stress situations. It is especially used by students and candidates to cut the tips of a test anxiety. It is especially popular with oral exams. Also, workers facing performance. Alzheimer’s and dementia are degenerative diseases of the brain. A damaging protein damages the nerves, causing the brain to gradually die. There are animal studies that suggest the effectiveness of CBD oil in Alzheimer’s and dementia. But it is still too early to raise any hopes here.

But once the cartilage is broken down, it can not be built up by ingesting CBD oil. But it can serve to alleviate the pain of osteoarthritis.

CBD oil at BSE can help too. BSE is a brain degenerative disease caused by proteins that are folded in a certain way, the so-called “prions”. However, there is no evidence that CBD oil could be used in BSE. BSE is a serious, infectious and fatal disease. We, therefore, want to distance ourselves from any promise of salvation regarding BSE and CBD oil. CBD oil for nausea CBD oil is first and foremost an oily substance. This makes her orally in the event of an evil t rather suboptimal. Since CBD oil is only consumed drop by drop, a try can not hurt. CBD has strong soothing properties and can provide some relaxation in case of nausea. CBD oil in epilepsy is also helpful. There are some very impressive videos on Youtube that help patients in the acute epilepsy episode with CBD. If you want to treat epilepsy in yourself or your child with CBD oil, but please seek a doctor who supports such therapy. Epilepsy can grow into a life-threatening condition. It, therefore, offers no scope for experiments.

CBD oil in obesity CBD oil has been shown to have appetite suppressing properties. This makes it as a complementary therapy in the context of a diet change to a useful tool. But obesity and obesity are fought with a healthy, low carbohydrate diet and lots of exercises. Therefore, you can not rely on CBD oil for the desired weight loss.

CBD oil in hepatitis and in cancer

Hepatitis is an infection of the liver that needs intensive medical attention. We advise against self-administration of hepatitis with CBD oil. Depending on the type, hepatitis is highly contagious. Therefore, if you suspect liver inflammation, you should definitely consult the doctor.

CBD Oil may be used during follow-up to treat certain sequelae of chemotherapy. It is definitely not a cancer remedy. The problem with taking CBD oil during cancer treatment is that CBD oil is a natural appetite suppressant. However, cancer patients have a high-calorie requirement in order to be able to combat the malignant cells with force.

CBD oil has been shown to be apparently effective in the study of neurological disorders. Especially in Parkinson’s and epilepsy there are some impressive observations. Our recommendation is, therefore: An attempt can not hurt. Here, however, an oil with a higher concentration should be used.

There are some reports that taking CBD oil can relieve the pain of rheumatic patients. Again, we would recommend it to arrive at a trial.

Remove CBD oil

In addition to its intoxicating properties, the THC is especially famous for its enormous appetite. After the “Lachflash” follows the smoking of hashish after about 20 minutes of “Fressflash” – especially after strong carbohydrate-containing foods such as pasta, pizza or chocolate. THC is therefore rather not suitable for weight loss, rather the opposite: Cancer patients or persons affected by anorexia are often tempted to use hashish to help them to increase carbohydrate intake. Nevertheless, THC consumers are not generally characterized by increased weight.

Side effects of CBD oil

Due to the numerous ingredients contained in CBD oil, researchers became increasingly aware of the oil. Meanwhile, many studies have been carried out on hemp and CBD oil, even if they are not yet sufficient for approval as a cure. Various effects have already been demonstrated by the researchers.

Readers and members of our editorial team have already experienced CBD oil as a multi-talent for more vitality and well-being. Whether with sleep problems or rheumatism, many patients report on the Internet from their very good experiences with cannabidiol. Even if you promise to alleviate your pain or symptoms from this ingredient, you are sure to wonder where to buy your CBD.

The question of legality plays a role as well as the quality of the ordered product. Whether you want to buy the drug in the form of CBD oil or as capsules, not all manufacturers are equally recommended and there are quite black sheep on the market. Therefore, we have put together a lot of practical tips and product recommendations that will help you with the purchase.

Various forms of cannabidiol such as oil, liquid or capsules in which you can buy CBD.

Many variants, many traps: Do not buy without price comparison & research

Whether you want to buy CBD oil or want to put on the pure active ingredient as an extract or crystal, a price comparison is essential before buying. We recommend this for a good reason:

The CBD concentration, as well as the purity, is very different for the different products available on the market. In actual fact, a cheap offer is not always necessarily cheap if the concentration of the promising active substance from the female hemp plant is too low. Concentrations of 3, 5, 10, 15 or 25 per cent are common.

To make matters worse, not all manufacturers have a strict distinction between CBDA and CBD. CBDA is a less potent acid, while the abbreviation “CBD” is pure cannabidiol.

Since you are interested in the most promising health effect for your body, it is even more important to keep an eye on these small but subtle differences in your order. Which drug concentration is right for you, you should also decide depending on the symptoms or the disease, against which you would like to proceed with this medical alternative.

Last but not least, you want to have your CBD delivered as fast as possible, preferably free of charge and this at a reputable dealer with good service and secure order process – in short: the price-performance ratio must be right.

How to use CBD oil?

However, there are no studies to date that exclusively cover the cannabidiol dosage for the standard user. The respective CBD doses were very individual in the remaining studies – cannabidiol was generally used in the available human studies in specific diseases such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease or schizophrenia. The doses are very different depending on the clinical picture and severity.

Summing up various studies, adult people who have CBD on their disease take in 100-800mg of cannabidiol. In children, different dosages of 2 to 25 mg/kg body weight were used. 25mg / kg body weight was the apex that caused side effects – so extremely high doses are probably not needed. A child of 30kg would need to take 750mg of cannabidiol daily – that’s quite a lot, and usually lower doses have proven effective. Experience has shown that an overdose can hardly be achieved if at all.

If one suffers from anxiety disorders, amounts below 50mg are already effective, although the intensity of the symptoms probably plays a role here.

We recommend the following concentrations:

Mild to moderate discomfort (headache, difficulty sleeping, nervousness, depression): CBD oil at 515% concentration. Moderate discomfort (severe headache, test anxiety, nerve trembling): CBD oil at 1525% concentration. This is already a very high concentration, which should be discussed with the doctor.

Severe discomfort: CBD oil over 25% concentration. The strongest currently available CBD oil has a concentration of 48%. This is a realhammerthat necessarily belongs to the doctor.

Where to buy CBD oil safe?

Our recommendation: order CBD from NordicOil. We bought the oils & drops from NordicOil and discovered them for us. Not only the pleasant-tasting, golden hemp oils with high CBD content are pleasing to us, but also the company philosophy. These are also ingenious fullspectrum cannabis oils that exploit the full potential of CBD while remaining almost THCfree.

Before you spend money on supplements that are not effective, you do not get or are too expensive, rely on our recommendations and readersexperiences and buy only natural fullspectrum oils.

So avoid bad purchases and make sure with our purchase advice that your CBD product has a high-quality composition and is free of unwanted accompanying substances; really contains what’s on the labelbased on the experience of editors & readers; the order is simple, fast and secure, so you can buy without hesitation; you are offered a great service and a speedy shipping so you have your CBD quickly in your hands and competent advice if necessary; you are offered a comprehensive range at the best prices.